Access Discovery Days

2017: 5th anniversary of Access Discovery Days!

2017 Edition

As is doing a major update on both website and mobile application, the 2017 Access Discovery Days will only be held once, in Laval. The day is organized by the ROPPHL.

In teams of two or three, participants receive a list of five to six businesses in order to make an inventory of the accessibility, at the same giving them the opportunity to chat with the managers on various issues related to accessibility. You’ll be using the same evaluation form that we use on the website so that the information will be easier to add to our database!


June 1st: Laval (Centropolis)


Schedule and Meeting point:

Laval: 13h30
Contact the ROPPHL for all details


Sign up:

You can participate in three ways: as a participant, a helper or as a volunteer.

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Photography credits: Catherine Blanchette-Dallaire and RehabMaLL